Create, customize, and share interactive surveys, questionnaires, games, collections, and more. Reward respondents with unique proof of participation NFTs.

Be an OG and create a Zeevo sequence today!

Engage your audience with interactive content that facilitates connections and builds community. Stand out for your stans.

Coordinate ideas with your DAO, engage listeners and grow your podcast, or solicit ideas for your next post. The possibilities are endless.

Incentivize engagement and reward respondents for time, attention, and ideas with customizable proof of participation NFTs. Easily engage with respondents on-chain by looking at who holds your NFTs.

Feel Better

We follow our north star: to help people positively impact others. Learn something new, and build connections.

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DAO Coordination

Coordinating ideas, thoughts, and feedback from a global group of digital nomads should be fun. Make it so!

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Build anything

Build for your event, club, or podcast. Craft a personality test, would-you-rather game, interactive story, and more.

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Custom PoP NFTs

Create proof of participation NFTs for respondents to bump engagement and map unique PoP NFTs to custom routes for endless possibilities.

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How it works

See how easy it is to build original interactive creations for your fans, guild, or DAO with Zeevo. Scope these four easy steps and let us know if you have questions. We're here to help.

Choose a title and description for your new sequence.

The sequence title and description will help others know what to expect from your sequence. When you link and share your sequence, make it exciting and include a call to action!

Create sequence blocks & fill them with ideas and questions.

You can think of a block as a question, but blocks can communicate ideas or concepts too. Zeevo supports multi-image, short answers, multi-choice blocks, and more.

Customize the visuals & design your PoP NFT to your liking.

Set your PoP NFT image, title, and description, and let Zeevo handle the rest. Respondents can connect their ETH accounts, and we send them your custom PoP NFTs directly.

Share your sequence with your fans, followers, guild, or DAO.

It's up to you how to distribute your sequence. By default, we don't display your sequence to users, so it's 100% up to you how and where you would like to share.

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